Current rates

Milwaukee Ski Club Dues Structure
all dues per year except temporary
Family $350
Couple $250
Single $200
Junior (under 18 years old)
$45 Single / $55 Couple
Rates subject to change. They are determined annually by the board of directors.

Member responsibilities include being Hill Crew four times per ski season and assisting with the Fall Preparation Days twice per season, (Hill Crew duty exempt for Fox HillTM Ski Patrollers).
For full voting membership there is also a requirement of paying a capital assessment of $325, the assessment can be paid in installments of $50/year until paid off or in full.
All membership levels except for Junior, Social, Cross-country, and Temporary require payment of the capital assessment.
Cross-Country Membership only applies to the use of Nordic trails on the Milwaukee Ski Club owned property as well as the use of the Chalet and Parking Lot during those times set by the board of Directors.
Junior Memberships require an Initiation Fee of $10.00 plus taxes.
The temporary membership is our guest program, it is a one day, single person non-voting membership for guests of our members that can only be used twice per season.

For a membership application email [email protected] and we will have a link sent to you.
Membership applications must be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval by a majority per club by-laws.