A Milwaukee Ski club timeline
By Lawrence Maurin

A Milwaukee Ski club timeline

The following came from three hand typed pages from the files of Lawrence Maurin and typed as it appeared with the only editing done to correct slashouts and adding of handwritten in characters:


(Note: Some of the members claim the Club started in 1907-1908, but no record)

1910    First meeting held at the Scandinavia Club of Milwaukee club rooms Dec. 21, 1910
            named the Scandinavia Ski Club of Milwaukee and held meetings in their hall until
                                January 5, 1917. At that time moved to the Calumet Club rooms.
            First Club Officers: Pres. Dr. Uyman; Vice Pres. N. L. Marbensen; Sec. C. A. Houm;
                                 Treas. Samuel Walvig; Capt. H. T. Olson

1911    Club concentrated on increasing membership and advertising the sport
            A committee was named to locate a site for a ski hill (Jumping)

1912       February 11, held club exhibition in South Milwaukee
                in Fall errected a slide at Nagawicka Lake

1913    Name Changed to Milwaukee Ski Club and held a tournament February 2
            46 riders took part. Anders Haugen represented the Club and took first place
                            (Hill record set at 121 feet by Haugen)
            Second meet set for March 9 was called off the last minute due to water at
                             foot of landing hill
            Skiers were guests of Carl Houm and entertained at a party

1914    Tournament set for January 25 postponed due to no snow. It was run off February 22
                         29 riders were in competition. Attendance 3,000. Strong head wind
                         Anders Haugen jumped 134 feet 10 inches. Club membership 54

1915    Tournament held February 21, week later tan originally planned due to weather
                        conditions. 72 Membership

1916    January 30 set for meet and postponed due to lack of snow. No meet held
                           42 members

1917    January 14 set for tournament date. Annual meeting held January 5 with only 9 days
                            in which to make plans for meet. Attendance 1,5000. All riders took four
                            rides or more and there was only one spill.

                            It was an excellent day for skiing competition and the crowd was enthusias-
                            tic. Reported the most spectacular and thrilling meet of all time. With
                            close competition in regular run, and extra event for the hill record
                            was run off. In regular competition A. Haugen made 138 feet and Ragnar
                            Omtvedt 139 feet. Longest standing: Ragnar Omtevedt 141 tied by A. Haugen
                            Enthusiastic and cheering crowd asked for a jump off.

                            Haugen rode first and his efforts were not announced as recorded by the
                            markers. After Omtvedt made his landing near the foot of the landing hill,
                            the crowd waited patiently for the distance report. When the announcer
                            roared 143 feet for both riders!, the crowd went wild and was uncontrolled.

1918    competition held February 3, 19 riders A. Haugen, winner

1919    Reported no meet

1920    Sixth annual meet held February 1. Many people attended but only half paid ad-
                            mission. Nevertheless, the receipts were even. 30 riders completed under the
                            best skiing conditions of any previous meet.

Club dormant until 1923

MSC Historical Facts 2

1923    October 21. A reorganization meeting was held at the ski hill at Nashota, Wis.
                            Meeting called to order by Fred Pabst, Jr., who gave a resume' of the
                            possibilities of the ski sport as he saw it, and presented his plans. The
                            club was given scaffolding built by him.
                            Officers: Pres. C.A. Houm; Vice pres. Jack Edwards; Secy. Fred Pabst Jr.,;
                                            Treas. Peter Mc Nulty; Capt. Michael McNulty.

1924    February 3 held first tournament. 30 entries Longest jump 83 feet by Arvid Bakke
                            Net profits about $500
                            Attempted to have Park Board of Milwaukee consent to bui9ld a ski slide at
                                            Gordon Park

1925    Obtained a permit to erect a slide at Gordon Park
                          First ski meet in Milwaukee held February 8 56 entries
                          Contributions for erecting slide amounted to $5091.
                          Cost of steel and erecting $ 3259.40
                                lumber 227.26   
                                foundation & grading 1126.13 $4612.79
                            Meet held in rain storm at 3:15 P.M. Lightning and thunder!

1926    Tournament February 7 71 entries. City Championship held January 10

1927    No report

1928    Meet held January 29 during Winter Sports Frolic.
                            Total attendance for Frolic about 50,000

                             Longest standing jump Class B Lawrence Maurin

1929    Tournament held January 27 about 70 entries

1930    Meet held January 26 88 entries. Earl Aaker set new hill record of 123 feet
                            Alf. Engen made his first ride on artificial slide in Milwaukee

1931    Meet held January 26 107 entries. Attendance 15,000
                            Lawrence Maurin lept 126 feet, 3 over hill record, but fell
                            Conditions very wet snow with water on river

1932    Club held tournament at Oconomowoc Ski Club grounds due to snow conditions at
                            Gordon Park, bot the principal reason was lack of sufficient means to hold
                            a jump without charging admissions

1933    Merger of two Clubs, Milwaukee and Oconomowoc
                            (cooney organized Octobber 1925(and held first jump in 1926) by ten business
                            men under influence of Rudolf Pabst)
                            Purchased May Farm 40 Acres including Devil's Hollow. Erected 90 ft. tower
             Tournament winners of first merger meet, called 7th annual due to seventh on hill:
                            Class A Guttorm Palsen, Chicago
                                      B Lawrence Maurin, Milwaukee-Oconomowoc
                                      C Orans Wingsness, Chicago

1934    Eighth Annual Tournament 109 entries: Class A 77; B73, C8, Senior 11.
                            Paul Bietila, then 15 years old, won the ski trophy for best form

1935    January 13 tournament - 9th Annual Walter Bietila won in Class A
                            135 entries Class A 21; B 88; C 17; Senior 9
                            About 3,000 people attended. Publicity very encouraging

1936    January 5 Club held two meets: 10th annual and State Championship
                            Ingvar Arneson won State A title.

MSC Historical Facts 3.

1937    January 3 tournament held on artificial snow for the first time
                            Snow was made in Chicago and shipped to hill by box car
            Nagawicka slide sold to Plymouth Ski Club

1938 to 1941 records incomplete here, but no doubt contained in Club Minutes

1942    Staged Wisconsin State Combined Tournament Cross Country won by Lawrence Maurin

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